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In the world of dating, you may have heard that there is a revolution taking place. Just a few short years ago there was a kind of stigma attached to meeting people online. It was almost looked down upon as a place where murderers meet their victims or sad lonely geeks go to meet other sad lonely geeks. But now, thanks largely to the rise and rise of social networking; online dating is massively on the up. It is even now a factor used to judge inflation in the UK.

People use online dating for lots of reasons. Obviously they are using it to find a date but why don't people just meet other people in real life? Here are some possible answers-
Social Networking
As mentioned already, social networking is one of the main reasons why people are more open to the idea of meeting people online than ever before. Anyone who has a Facebook profile is already used to putting their information out there on a regular basis, is used to searching through other people's profiles and is not afraid anymore of acting on adverts and events listed online, in real life. This barrier has been broken down by social networking and has made online/offline relationships less scary.